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CNC Turning

High Tech has state of the art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) with up to 5 axis capability for both metal and plastics with extensive experience with titanium and other high tech alloys. Simple operations, such as grooving, parting, boring, reaming, or threading are handled with ease and accuracy with High Tech's advanced CNC machines. These CNC turning machines are equipped with multi-axis abilities as well as milling capabilities. With both standard and custom tooling, High Tech is also able to work with clients for advanced CNC machining needs. 

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CNC Milling

High Tech has several CNC horizontal palletech cells and CNC vertical machining centers with up to 5 axis' that are capable of extreme precision and fast cycle times. CNC milling is the most accurate way to complex parts with a minimum of part handling to ensure the highest degree of quality. Several of High Tech's CNC machines are capable of changing their own tooling, which dramatically improves cycle times. 

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CNC Swiss Turning

CNC Swiss machines offer a higher level of accuracy and flexibility than traditional CNC turning machines. When extreme precision is needed, our state of the art CNC Swiss machines with up to 12 axis' are capable of maintaining extremely close tolerances on cuts, grooves, threading, thread whirling and much more.

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Wire EDM

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, or Wire EDM, is a CNC machining process that is typically used to cut plates, make tooling, form molds, or create dies out of durable, hard metals. Often referred to as wire cutting, Wire EDM machines use electrical discharges to make cuts into metal, and is widely used in the machining industry. 

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Laser Welding and Laser Marking

Laser welding is a highly accurate and quick way to weld a variety of metals. The advantages of laser welding include: higher precision, fast cycle times, deep weld penetration, cleaner welds, and extremely controlled heating and cooling zones. Due to the very precise nature of laser welding, it's a preferred method for smaller parts, thin metals, and welds that have complex lines.

Laser Marking is a fast and permanent way to mark a variety of metals, plastics, and composite materials with part numbers, lot numbers, business logos, personalized messages, bar codes, or with any other type of text message or simple 2D image. By choosing to mark your parts with a laser marker, you can ensure uniform quality and placement for each and every part.


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Anodized Assembly

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